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Women's Self Defense Classes

Columbia, MD and Finksburg, MD

Program Description:

Rising Tide Academy’s Women’s Self Defense classes are a great way to start learning authentic and proven self-defense in a safe environment supported by other women. We strongly emphasize an encouraging family environment that advocates for our growing community of female Jiu Jitsu practitioners. Our classes are diverse with teenage girls, independent young women, and mothers and daughters training side by side.

Our Women’s Self Defense course teaches the core principles of Gracie Jiu jitsu, a martial art based upon maximizing timing, technique, and leverage to overcome a much bigger and stronger opponent. Through a concise and technical methodology, our self defense curriculum allows a smaller opponent to survive and get home safely. Gracie Jiu Jitsu is not about overpowering your opponent or "winning" a fight; it is about survival. Plain and simple, we want you to walk with more confidence in your stride knowing that you can handle yourself if you ever need to!

Martial arts is a perfect way for women to build self confidence and get into tremendous shape. There is no better martial art than Gracie Jiu Jitsu for women, which is why Gracie Jiu Jitsu is recognized internationally as the most effective martial arts system for self defense. Fighting is always a last resort, but if confronted with an unavoidable conflict, we want our students to know how to handle themselves!

Female Instructor teaching guard defenseInstructor with child martial arts studentsinstructor being silly with students

All Levels:

In our women’s only classes in Howard County and Carroll County, students learn how to take down aggressive opponents, secure control, and apply various submission holds. Gracie Jiu Jitsu as a self defense system also considers the dangers of having a larger opponent on top and uses the same principles to attack from the bottom or ground, either submitting an opponent from the ground or executing a sweep to reverse position and get on top.

These considerations for safety, technique, and natural movements create an amazing activity where you can learn new skills, break a good sweat, lose weight, gain strength, tone up, and be mentally engaged in a supportive, friendly atmosphere. At Rising Tide Academy, we offer multiple classes a week specifically for women who want to learn practical self defense. 

For more information about classes, contact us by submitting your information for the trial or calling 443-605-3775 to schedule your first class, which is FREE.


  • Improve fitness, coordination, flexibility, and movement;
  • Develop an effective, real world self defense skill set; and
  • Build a consistent practice of self confidence and self discipline.

Women's Self Defense Classes Include:

  • Instructor led warm-up activities;
  • 1-2 techniques from standing position and drilling these with a partner;
  • 2-3 techniques on the ground and drilling these with a partner; and
  • Controlled grappling matches, also known as “rolling” or “rumbling”.